Admission Procedure

These steps should be followed more or less in sequence. Fill out each document and forward the completed document to

(italicized-text indicates action required on the applicant’s part)

  1. Submit executed Non-Disclosure Agreement: Template
  2. Submit Praxis Center Application Form: Template
  3. Submit company business plan presentation: Template1, Template2
  4. Submit registered company incorporation documents: Template
  5. Submit New York State Application for Authority: Application for Authority Foreign Business Corporation | Department of State (
  6. Submit Cornell Technology License Agreement: Cornell FastTrack technology license options
  7. Praxis Center staff reviews the application and documents
  8. Applicant / Praxis Center management team interview
  9. Multi-department Praxis Center staff review and clearance
  10. Submit POSHER form: Template – only required for laboratory clients
  11. Submit executed Incubation Plan Agreement: Template1  Template2
  12. Submit Liability Insurance Certificate: Template
  13. Submit Workers Compensation Insurance Certificate: Template
  14. Praxis Advisory Council review and recommendation
  15. Upon Praxis Advisory Council approval, execute Praxis Center Space License Agreement with Cornell Real Estate: Template