Who Should Apply?


  • Incorporated companies
  • Companies holding licenses for Cornell technologies
  • Companies holding licenses for non-Cornell technologies
  • Seed / early stage of company development




I Don’t Have a Business Entity Established Yet but I Have a Great Idea!




We will help you through the process of establishing your business entity.

Admission Steps:

These steps should be followed more or less in sequence. Fill out each document and forward the completed document to

(italicized¬†indicates action required on the applicant’s part)

  1. Sign Non-Disclosure_Agreement
  2. Fill out initial Praxis Screener (see the Praxis CandidateScreeningToolUserGuide for detailed instructions)
  3. Fill out Praxis-Center-Application-Form – writable
    1. Submit company business plan and presentation
    2. Submit company incorporation documents
    3. Submit copy of principal Cornell technology license
  4. Praxis Center staff reviews the application and documents
  5. Client / Praxis Center management team interview
  6. Multi-department Praxis Center staff review and clearance
  7. Execute the POSHER-Form – only required for laboratory clients
  8. a. Praxis Center License Agreement Template
    b. Praxis Center Incubation Plan Template
  9. Advisory Council review and recommendation